Ishavsbyen Helse

Sola skinner fortsatt her nord!

«While it is true that too much of a thing is not good, none of it is even worse. It is true that overexposure to the sun can contribute to skin damage. But underexposure can be far more detrimental to health. We require optimal exposure to sunlight. A life of moderation in all aspects is a healthy one.
The use of antibiotics, which has practically replaced heliotherapy, has in recent years, led to the development of drug-resistant strains of bacteria, which defy any treatment other than the balanced use of sun, water, air, food and exercise. Despite the remarkable advancements in medicine, the bacteria seem to remain a step ahead. You hear about some new promising drug and soon enough you are reading about a new deadly strain of some pathogen. Cure only ensues when the body’s essential requirements are in equilibrium.»

(This is a selection from the book HEAL YOURSELF WITH SUNLIGHT by Andreas Moritz)